Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Laurel Mountain

This is Laurel Mountain in the John Muir Wilderness.  I took this shot from Hot Creek Ranch, about five or six miles away from the peak.  I've had people ask me why I fly fish for trout; you know, why not fish for some species that you can get more easily?  "Trout", I tell 'em, "don't live in ugly places".  I think this shot demonstrates the point.  Hot Creek is about 200 feet behind me in this photograph. 

The eastern Sierra is much more dramatic than the western slope, although most of the gold was discovered over there.  Lots of old westerns were filmed here, including "North to Alaska" with John Wayne right here on the ranch.  The drama is most notable around Lone Pine, California, at the eastern foot of Mount Whitney, with the giant boulders of "The Alabama Hills" between the town and the mountain.

Hope you enjoy.

© James P. Webb 2012


  1. You state, "Hope you enjoy." Well, I do enjoy looking at your photos of my favorite place every. It seems you and I have lots in common. Ray and I rent the same cabin every year for 3 weeks. Being in the Sierra at Wood's Lodge (located above and looking down on Lake Mary and Crystal Crag) is the highlight of each year.

    Love your photos and writing!

    1. Thanks, gottago. Love your photography!


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